Commercial Actors

We are currently selectively building our commercial rosters, and we're looking for both experienced actors as well as fresh faces. If acting is a dream or passion of yours, here's where you can really make things start to happen - right now!


We just love receiving submissions from a diverse range people from all walks of life, from 5 years to 105 years of age.

Submission Tips

  • Please include a short cover letter telling us all of the interesting things that make you the unique individual you are.
  • It's helpful if you include any prior film experience, in addition to any other performance experience and any unique skills and activities you excel at.
  • We look forward to seeing your recent photos, and while professional headshots are nice, they are not absolutely necessary at this stage.

Please Note: We do not represent background extras. Just do a Google search and you'll find plenty of fine extras agencies in Vancouver.