Refinery develops and manages the careers of performers for film, television, commercial, voiceover, theatre and industry projects. From Los Angeles to Shanghai to Montevideo, our clients live and work all over the world.

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After completing her Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Theatre, Rhea moved to Vancouver to study film acting at Langara College. She has multiple Film and TV credits to her name, but truly flourished in commercial work. With over 20 commercial credits under her belt, she knows what commercial casting directors are looking for and uses this to her advantage as Refinery's commercial agent.

Heading Refinery's commercial department gives Rhea a ton of excitement and variety, plus a chance to meet new people everyday! Best of all, she constantly has a reason to celebrate. Refinery is known in Vancouver, which is one of the world capitals of commercial production, as one of the very first places agencies will look to get their job done. Their job being, to find the BEST talent possible for their clients.





Rebecca, who heads Refinery's Film and Television department, has a background in theatre and film acting, producing and screenwriting. A graduate of Douglas College's Theatre department and the Langara College Film program, she has appeared onscreen in over 40 productions.

Spending her spare time as a freelance screenwriter, Rebecca has written for such companies as National Geographic, Lipton Ice Tea and Cornetto UK; with an early focus on branded short films and commercial content, her writing has appeared in such online publications as AdWeek, Variety, Elle Magazine, The Huffington Post and Marie Claire Magazine

As Refinery's theatrical agent, Rebecca works closely with skilled performers of all ages, focusing on establishing their careers in the booming Vancouver market; her background in various elements of film and filmmaking gives her an advantage of understanding the needs of actors, the inner working of casting offices and a comprehension of the ever changing demands of the local industry.