Refinery both manages the careers of and are agents to some SERIOUSLY successful young adults. 

In fact, being able to develop young folks who come to us, already super driven, motivated, talented, fun to work with, mature, active students of life and totally down to earth is one of the greatest parts of our careers and lives.

If you've got the right drive and the right talent, we can open doors to opportunities that will blow you away. But you need to be ready to work, for disappointments, for successes. This is a tough biz, and you need to be tough too.

But if performing is your passion, and are you driven make it happen. Then we are beyond excited to hear from you! Email us a headshot and cover letter and tell us about you. Why do you want to be an actor? Who are your favorite actors? What kind of skills do you have?

Whatever, we just want to hear you being you.

Once we have received your submission give us a few weeks at least before you call to follow up. Some periods of the year are so busy its just impossible to do everything we need to do in a day But if youre the real deal, we will for sure schedule a chat, and see how things go from there.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Hey, Please let your parents know before submitting to us!